Who We Are

Craft coffee is personal coffee

Coffee should be craft-roasted in small batches for best possible flavor sweetness, complexity, and balance.
Fire, air, time: The elements that shape every flavor present in a roast
Craft, experience and skill: The qualities a master roaster develops to balance these elements
Cupping: the invaluable process of identifying and evaluating flavors and aromas of coffees
New roasts are cupped daily to compare with the previous picks. We choose the best tasting profile for the next roast session

Coffee should be fresh!

Roasted fresh, purchased fresh, enjoyed fresh. You’ll never purchase coffee from us beyond three weeks of roasting.
Fresh, organic and fair trade ingredients are paramount for us. But how to reach these high standards in all of our work?
Create everything ourselves, from scratch.
Every sauce syrup and pastry is hand-crafted in our roastery from recipes we’ve enjoyed for years.

Hos-pi-tal-i-tee: the generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests.

– Merriam Webster

Can the warmth of our welcome and the care in our service actually…change your day? We hope so.
But even this is incomplete if we don’t serve you our best.
We’ve given all that we have to develop these amazing coffees, drinks, and pastries
…to share them with you.

“It is people who are important – not the masses.”

– Dorothy Day

People deserve to be treated fairly.
This philosophy led us to Fair Trade – a documented way of assuring producers are being honored.
We choose Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, exclusively, and sustainable approaches to our bags, cups… even our straws.
Because… great coffee begins with the skilled and dedicated people who grow it.
And people live on this planet.
It must be cared for too.